Prof. Dr. Diethelm Kleiner, Pioneer in Microbiologist recently visited International School of Medicine, Biskek, Kyrgyzstan. He had published several scientific research articles and got patents for his inventions. Currently, he is servicing under SES (Senior Exterten Service), Germany. Before that, he was a professor, Chair of Microbiology, The University of Bayreuth, Bayreuth, Germany. It is a great honour to welcome Professor to our university to share his expertise, knowledge, views about our curriculum, teaching methods and research. With support from the university, professor visits for the month of May to June and will share his experience with medical students in Bishkek. 

On 25 May students witnessed a great Microbiology Related Educational Conference which was held in Morpho campus of ISM. This is all possible because of efforts took by our respected microbiology department teachers as they are very helpful to the student in guiding them to the right path. The conference is based on 4 topics in which first topic was Drama which was supervised under Dr.Tumonbaeva J.S. in which students prepared different Dramas on topics like HIV, Measles and TB etc. Second topic was Presentation and Posters prepared by students on topics like Rabies ,Typhoid and Hypersensitivity under the supervistation of  Dr.Duishenkulova M.K. Third topic was Lab Diagnosis of various systems of our body like Respiratory system ,GIT ,CVS and Urogenital system supervised by Dr.Sulaimanova Ch. T. In the end was a quiz  based on Clinical microbiology in which students took part actively which was conducted by  Dr. Gavrilova O.N.